Let’s transform our streets

Into safe outdoor green spaces and parklets for people to enjoy.

Fern Space was established to help councils, schools, restaurants, and government transform under-utilised urban areas into beautiful green spaces. COVID-19 has changed the way in which we live, and outdoor space has never been more important. We know that our experience of bringing design creations to life with inspirational planters and street furniture will enable you to meet your demand for high quality, innovative parklets for the public and community to use. We want to work with you to bring the safety of the great outdoors to your local area to revitalise your business, your local highstreet or your local community and make Britain great once again.

With the backing and operational expertise of our sister company, innovative landscape company Kinley, you can be confident in the quality of our products, a solid UK based supply chain and excellent customer support.

How Fern Space can help in these difficult times

We know that you need to act quickly to make your local business, or area as safe as possible for people to visit. This is why we have created a range of fully modular options for you. Whether you want a complete off-the-shelf parklet option that cleverly incorporates safe (non-trip) temporary raised flooring, socially distanced dining options, outdoor heaters, privacy screens, moveable green walls or a more simplistic modular bench and planter option for segmentation, we have the products in stock to meet your needs and your particular budget.

At Fern Space we really do want to help kick-start the economy, and we know that this starts with making the great outdoors as safe as possible. Get in touch to see how we can assist your design project.


Why create safe outdoor spaces?

There has been a growing trend for building green infrastructure in urban areas. Now, as a result of coronavirus, it has become even more important to create more outdoor recreational areas where people can meet in a safer environment, while adhering to social distancing measures.

In built up areas and those that need to adapt to accommodate changes, the solution is to turn small urban spaces into open parklets. These community spots bring urban areas to life with a touch of colour, greenery and beauty whilst also driving the local economy.

The importance of green infrastructure and community space

Mental health and wellbeing

A Public Health England 2014 report found that access to good quality green space is associated with a range of positive health outcomes including better self-rated health, lower body mass index scores and obesity levels, improved mental health and wellbeing and increased longevity.

Safe social distancing

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, there has never been more demand for safe outdoor space. This is well documented within government legislation with social distancing more relaxed when people are outside.

Bringing communities together

What are parklets?

Parklets are miniature parks or pop up green spaces in urban areas, usually created by reclaiming parking spaces, transforming residential roads or designing pavement extensions. Parklets are designed to create an entertainment area, community space, resting spot or play area.

How could you introduce community, public or play areas?

Transform an urban area into a parklet or mini park. Be inspired by these ideas.

Build community zones in residential streets: Create boundaries with planters, encourage safe socialising with suitably placed benches and reinvigorate your highstreet with places for customers to sit and enjoy a coffee whilst enjoying the safety of the great outdoors.

Innovative street furniture

Let’s work together

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